Be the smartest one at the office today with these random facts

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (ADAMS) – It’s Wednesday!  You made it to hump day! Now, you just have to get through the work day. Here’s some fun facts and strange news to make you look like the most informed person at the water cooler.


-The Post Office’s unofficial motto about how “neither snow nor rain” will stop the mail actually comes from the royal mounted couriers in ancient Persia . . . around 440 B.C.

-There’s only been one time on “Wheel of Fortune” where the answer to a puzzle actually was “WHEEL OF FORTUNE.”  It happened on April 2nd, 2001.

-Antarctica is the biggest desert on Earth.  Even though there’s no sand, the definition of a desert is a barren area where there’s very little rain and poor living conditions for plants and animals.

-Back when Kim Jong-il was alive, his official biography on North Korea’s website said he doesn’t poop.

-There’s a condition called erotomania where a person believes a celebrity is in love with them.


Going to concerts will make you LIVE LONGER, according to a new study.  Researchers found that concerts are great for increasing your wellbeing, which is linked to living a longer life.  (Full Story)

There’s a new rollercoaster in England that charges your phone by converting your SCREAMS into energy.  There’s no word on whether that technology will make its way to rollercoasters here.  (Full Story)

The shoe company Saucony just made DUNKIN’ DONUTS running shoes in honor of the Boston Marathon.  If you want them, they cost $110.  (Full Story)

Do you still carry cash?  According to a new survey, the majority of Americans DON’T . . . only 41% of people say they always have cash on them.  (Full Story)

Your child’s RUBBER DUCKIE is a cesspool of dangerous bacteria, according to a new study.  The researchers found almost every rubber duck has fungus and bacteria growing inside of it, and in 80% of them, it’s bad enough to get someone sick.  (Full Story)

Today is National Respect Your Cat Day, and according to a new survey, 64% of cat owners would rather spend a night alone with their cat than their significant other.  And 37% say their cat “gets them” better than most of their friends.  (Full Story)

A guy in New Jersey lost weight a few years ago, but his beer belly didn’t go away . . . and when he went to a doctor, it turned out to be a 30-pound cancerous tumor.  His doctors successfully removed it earlier this year, and now he’s recovering.  (Full Story)

Pornhub just announced they’ll be giving free premium memberships to people who live in towns with sexual names.  That includes places like Threeway, Virginia . . . Climax, Saskatchewan, Canada . . . and La Vagina, Italy.  (Full Story)

A 54-year-old woman in Ohio was arrested for public drunkenness on Saturday after she went to an Easter event at a park . . . and made “lewd comments” while posing for a photo with the Easter Bunny.  (Full Story)

A guy broke into a store in New York last week . . . but before he smashed through the glass, he stopped to make the SIGN OF THE CROSS.  And once he had that blessing, he broke in and stole some clothes.  The cops are looking for him.  (Full Story)

According to new stats from the Department of Education, bullying dropped by more than a THIRD between 2007 and 2015.  And kids are also more likely to tell and adult if they’re being bullied.  (Full Story)