Check Out Chris Young’s Typical Day-In-The-Life When He’s on Tour

When you see somebody in concert you don’t think about how they spent their day.  As long as the show’s good, you’re good.  But what’s interesting is how much stuff they have to do before they can actually “go to work.”

CHRIS YOUNG gave Billboard a sample day-in-the-life and although he didn’t include the traveling part, it’s still a very full day.

Obviously, he works at night, so things don’t start too early.  He likes to kick it off with a workout at the gym, and he’s done with that around 1:30.  Then he irons his own clothes, yes he does . . . and goes in for the sound check at 2:30.

Then comes the “highlight of his day.”  A meet and greet with the brilliant local radio hosts like us . . . and some of our wonderful listeners.  Late afternoon is when he gets himself dressed and ready for the show.

Then he returns to the venue to do more interviews, plus another VIP with fans.  He’s done with that around five o’clock, and then it’s dinner and show prep . . . and he finally takes the stage at nine o’clock.