Do You Have a Favorite Parent?

When you ask someone if they have a favorite kid, the classic line is, “Oh, I love all of them the same.”  But here’s a new one . . .


A new poll in the U.K. asked people if they have a favorite PARENT.  And apparently more than half of us DO favor one parent over the other.


Around 40% said they like their mom more than their dad.  Only 14% said Dad’s their favorite.


This part’s also interesting:  The survey found a lot of us switch allegiances.  And not just once, but TWICE in our life.


We start out liking Mom more.  Then a third of us go over to Dad’s side by age 13.  But that only lasts a few years, and a third switch back to Mom by age 20.


Also, 21% of men in the poll described themselves as a “mama’s boy” . . . 22% of women said they’re a “daddy’s girl.”


And 13% of parents admit they’re jealous, because they know they’re not the favorite.