DVR alert! Here’s what’s on TV today

Did you know Americans watch the most TV? Of course we do – with like 300 different networks producing so many original shows it’d literally be impossible to find enough time to watch all of ’em.
But we’re gonna try. According to a study, people in North America watch more TV than anyone else in the world. We watch an average of four hours and three minutes a day, which is WELL above the worldwide average of just under three hours.

The study also found that American TV shows are the most popular worldwide. British shows are second. You can celebrate our achievement with some great new television.

New TV:

  • “Thursday Night Football”at 8:15 p.m. on Fox.  The Denver Broncos host the Kansas City Chiefs.


  • The series premiere of “Going from Broke”on Crackle.  A new show from Ashton Kutcherwhere a team of experts helps young people learn to get out from under a mountain of student loan debt.  (Trailer)


  • The series premiere of “BookTube”on YouTube.  A book club series where an author hangs out with a moderator and three YouTube content creators.  The first episode features Malcolm Gladwell, whose latest bookis called “Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know”.  (Trailer)


  • The series premiere of “The Unlisted”on Netflix.  It’s an Australian show about twins who discover a secret conspiracy to implant teenagers with technology that controls their minds.  A group of homeless rebels helps them escape it.  (Trailer)


Tonight’s schedule also includes “Supernatural”, and “Grey’s Anatomy” at 8:00 p.m. . . . “Legacies” and “A Million Little Things” at 9:00 . . . and “Evil” and “How to Get Away with Murder” at 10:00 p.m.


Thursday Late-Night Talk Shows:

  • “Jimmy Fallon”- Kim Kardashian, Winnie Harlow, and Iggy Pop.  (Repeat)
  • “Jimmy Kimmel”- Paul Rudd, Lizzy Caplan, and Tyler Childers.
  • “Stephen Colbert”- Joe Biden, and Pixies.  (Repeat)
  • “James Corden”- Dominic Cooper, Jonathan Groff, and Red Hearse.  (Repeat)
  • “Seth Meyers”- Gwen Stefani, Bradley Whitford, and “Bless the Harts” creator Emily Spivey.  (Repeat)
  • “Trevor Noah”- Director Taika Waititi.  He did “Thor: Ragnarok” and is writing “Thor: Love and Thunder”.
  • “Conan”- D’Arcy Carden from “The Good Place”.  (Repeat)
  • “David Spade”- Vanessa Bayer, and comedians Dusty Slay and Guy Branum.
  • “Lilly Singh”- Natalie Portman.  (Repeat)


As for Daytime Talk Shows:  Eva Mendes is on “Kelly Clarkson”, Scarlett Johansson is on “Ellen”, Jeremy Sisto is on “The Talk”, James Spader is on “The View”, and Hailee Steinfeld is on “Kelly and Ryan”.