Median U-Turn expected to open Thursday on U.S. 30

ALLEN CO., Ind. (ADAMS) – The Indiana Department of Transportation says that the District’s first median U-turn, located at U.S. 30 and S.R. 101 in Allen County, is expected to open to traffic Thurday afternoon, Thursday, Sept. 27, weather permitting.

Drivers may see work continuing in the median through early October as contractor crews work to remove the current crossover. Be cautious of workers present in the construction zone.

The median U-turn is an alternative to traditional roadway intersections on a divided four-lane highway. Instead of motorists crossing fast-moving traffic from two directions, drivers at a median U-turn intersection turn right in the same direction of traffic, merge into a dedicated left turn lane and then make a U-turn in the direction they intend to travel. Although drivers will have to travel slightly farther to get where they want to go, using median U-turns can take the same or less time than trying to wait for a safe and appropriate gap to cross all lanes of traffic.

Median U-turns have been shown to greatly reduce or eliminate injury crashes that are common when drivers attempt to cross busy divided highways.

In 2015, INDOT’s first median U-turn opened to traffic at U.S. 41 and SR 114/CR 400 in Newton County. Since then, one of the worst intersections in the state for injury accidents has had only one injury accident in over three years — representing an 80 percent reduction in injury crashes — despite a 14 percent increase in traffic in that time. In addition, there has also been a reduction of non-injury crashes since the median U-turn was installed.