Shocking. Sales of Facebook’s Smart Speaker Are Terrible

With smart speakers like Google Home and the Amazon Echo, we’re all PAYING to let tech companies into our house to listen to our conversations 24 hours a day.  And we just kinda hope they aren’t going to exploit us.


But even though we’re all suckers for these products, there’s still ONE company we’re not willing to trust in our homes:  Facebook.


Facebook created the Portal video chat device and smart speaker a little over a year ago, and it’s NOT selling.

According to one study, it makes up just 0.6% of the sales in the smart speaker category.


The unfortunate part is it’s probably a pretty good product.  It does cool stuff with video chatting, like using artificial intelligence to always frame your shot so it looks professional.


But we just can’t bring ourselves to invite Facebook to have an open camera and microphone in our homes.  And all things considered . . . that’s probably a good call.


(Fast Company)