The Celeb Web: Halloween Edition

Our favorite entertainers and celebrities are busy these days.  Good thing they leave nothing back on social media.  Here’s what they’re up to today:


1.  HALSEY went out as Poison Ivy, and the next night, her ex-boyfriend G-EAZY was dressed as another Batman character, Two Face.  So you have to wonder if they planned this before they broke up.

2.  There’s some Black Panther action happening on this week’s episode of “Black-ish”.  Here’s another pic.

3.  I’m really conflicted about IRELAND BALDWIN’s sexy bloody axe murderer costume.

4.  On October 26th, 1975, ELTON JOHN played Dodger Stadium in a sparkly Dodgers uniform.  Exactly 43 years later, HARRY STYLES wore that look to a party.  And yes, Elton noticed.

5.  OLIVIA MUNN dressed as the “Crazy Rich Asians” character Goh Peik Lin.  And it’s okay because Olivia IS Asian.  Although technically, she’s only HALF Asian, so I’m sure half of you will still complain.

6.  GEORGE CLOONEY entered his Casamigos Halloween party in a really low-rent moose costume.  He and Rande Gerber also dressed as pilots, while Rande’s wife, CINDY CRAWFORD, was the flight attendant.

7.  Check out JOE JONAS as the “Game of Thrones” character Sansa Stark . . . who just happens to be played by Joe’s fiancée, SOPHIE TURNER.   She’s dressed as Dumbo.

8.  If you like sexy vampires, ZOE KRAVITZ . . . really didn’t go that route.

9.  RYAN SEACREST’s Punky Brewster costume was seriously on-point.

10.  I don’t care if you love her or hate her, KENDALL JENNER was pretty much perfect as a Fembot from “Austin Powers”.

12.  I don’t know . . . I think I just expected something better from DAVE GROHL.

13.  No more white Batman for JADEN SMITH.  He went back to black for a party this weekend.  Although the quality was a little lacking.

14.  It’s a little scary just how much RITA ORA made herself look like POST MALONE.

(On a related note, here’s Joey Fatone as his new alter-ego, POST FATONE.)

15.  No, I will not make a lame joke about JENNA DEWAN’s costume getting me horny.  I am better than that.

16.  Maybe KELLY OSBOURNE is being Myrtle Snow from “American Horror Story”, and maybe it’s just her new look.  You never really know with these people.

17.  ARIEL WINTER and her boyfriend wore three different costumes over the weekend.  They were Tony and Elvira from “Scarface”PAMELA ANDERSON and KID ROCK, and Mr. and Mrs. Incredible.

18.  Not technically a Halloween costume, but here’s CHARLIZE THERON as MEGYN KELLY in the upcoming Fox News movie, “Fair and Balanced”.

19.  Speaking of Megyn Kelly, hopefully, she takes note of the fact that GABRIELLE UNION didn’t resort to lightening her skin for her GWEN STEFANI costume.

20.  I must say, SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR makes a damn sexy Harley Quinn.  (Scroll down for more celeb costumes.)

21.  Is it too early to call Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro classic?  Because if not, CAMILA MENDES and LILI REINHART from “Riverdale” went with a classic.

22.  VICTORIA JUSTICE is tempting fate in this Ouija Board costume.